Childhood Unplugged Features Ginger Unzueta

It is such an honor to have Ginger Unzueta as our second featured guest here on Childhood Unplugged!

The first time I came across Ginger’s photography was when I discovered the Kids Were Here blog. Since then I have become a great admirer of the way she captures the everyday and unplugged moments in the lives of her children. Ginger wears many hats and one of them is as a teacher over at The Bloom Forum where she teaches her online class called Everyday Beauty.

It has been wonderful getting to know her heart through conversation on social media. Being that she is a fellow Floridian, my hopes are that some day we can actually meet in person.



Your photography is centered around your family’s everyday storytelling. Tell me a little bit about the moment you knew this was so important to you.

I’ve always loved pictures and have always had a camera. Like many other mothers, my children really ignited the passion in ways I hadn’t known before. I wanted to tell their story and to tell it in a beautiful way.  In addition, my husband is a U.S. Marine and is often gone on deployments.  I became passionate about capturing the everyday of my family so that my husband could relive these special moments through our pictures and stories.  He continues to tell me that our pictures are such gifts to him.

There is beauty to be found in every day. I feel that God has given me this gift and passion for His glory. I pray that I will honor Him in all I do.

What are some of your children’s favorite activities to do unplugged?

We live in Florida on a lake and spend time by the water frequently. Our children love to swim, kayak, and fish. Most afternoons you will find them playing in the backyard. Our children love to use their imaginations and often make up plays or games together. They also each play soccer for the local soccer club. We love to go for walks and bike rides and also enjoy going to parks. Our oldest daughter loves to spend time reading, baking, and crafting. Our son loves to draw and build with Legos. Our youngest daughter can often be found painting, playing with her baby dolls, or dancing around the house. She also loves to help mama in the kitchen whenever she can.

 Being the busy Mom that you are, what are YOUR favorite ways to unplug? What inspires you?

I enjoy reading in my free time. I also enjoy anytime we can get outside and explore or spend time by the water. I love to sit on the back porch or down by the lake and spend time with friends or family. I love slow days where we can linger.

If there was a magical place to spend your day unplugged with your family, what would that day look like?

A magical day would be spent somewhere with sunshine, water and our family all together.

Share with us a recent unplugged experience that you and your family shared.

We enjoy family time unplugged daily.  I love the benefits of technology and social media, but I think it should be used in moderation. One of my favorite memories with our family is from last summer. We spent a week in the mountains of Georgia. It was a beautiful time, just the five of us, exploring and experiencing new things together. It was a week I will never forget.

Share with us one of your favorite images of all times and why?

I took this image a year ago. It is still one of my favorites. Annually, we spend a week at the beach with my parents, siblings and all the cousins. This place holds many special memories for each of us.  

I know that most of your time together with your children is spent unplugged, but I’m sure your children do spend some time watching television or playing with electronics. How do you find that balance?

We are a homeschooling family and much of our time at home during the day is spent learning, creating, and exploring together. Our children do enjoy time on the iPad playing games or watching TV, but it is limited. We limit, not only the time spent watching television, but the shows that they are permitted to watch. In addition, none of our children have their own iPhone or iPad to use. Any time spent on these devices is shared between all three children. There have been many holidays and special events my husband has had to miss while he was deployed with the military. I am so grateful that through technology we have been able to include him via video chat and email. I am grateful for the benefits electronic devices can bring into our lives.

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