Weekly Instagram hashtag #cu_swing

Happy Memorial Day! So thankful for the men and women who serve our great country and to those who paid the ultimate price to protect our freedoms. Thank you! Monica @my_reverie here; it’s been awhile friends, since I’ve moderated the feed!
This week we are swinging! From ropes, tires, playgrounds and even papa’s arms! Get creative and tag your photos to #cu_swing for a shot at being featured. #childhoodunplugged

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Weekly Instagram hashtag #CU_wildandfree

special announcement

Ready for the big announcement?? Childhood Unplugged is partnering with the crazy talented and creative folks @momazine and are shaking things up in a fun and exciting way! This weeks hashtag is @cu_wildandfree which is the theme for their upcoming summer issue. We will be selecting and featuring images as usual, but in addition to being featured in the @childhoodunplugged feed you will also be automatically entering for a chance to be featured in the Childhood Unplugged section of the magazine!!!!! We couldn’t be more excited! Please tag your gorgeous wild and free images with the hashtag #cu_wildandfreefor the next 2 WEEKS for your chance to have your images in the summer issue of Momazine! Go ahead let your hair down! Be wild and free….. Image by @angmthompson | featured by @audreyblake_#childhoodunplugged #cu_wildandfree


Weekly Instagram hashtag #CU_art

hello my friends, I’m excited to announce that this week’s prompt is #CU_art. our hope with this prompt is to see you go out with your little ones and view some art (maybe there’s a local museum or gallery you haven’t brought them to) or stay home and make some art of your own! art is one of my favorite unplugged activities and I look forward to it motivating your week. please tag the new art images you post this week to#CU_art and I will feature both from our main tag and this one. this beautiful image belongs to @lucadele | featured by @carolyn_mara #childhoodunplugged


Weekly Instagram hashtag #CU_family

Hey there! It’s Monica Calderin with @my_reverie and I’m so stoked to be moderating the feed again! A few things before we get started.

1. New blog post is up for March. For our new followers, did you know we have a collaborative blog we post monthly to? Twelve awesome photographers. Get to know who we are. Follow the link in profile and check us out.

2. New prompt this week will be #CU_family. Now listen, family can look different for each and every one of us. I want to see yours unplugging this week! Make sure to use the hashtag #CU_family for a shot at being featured.

Last but not in the least, this lovely image belongs to@lightlovers #childhoodunplugged #CU_family. | featured by @my_reverie

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Weekly Instagram hashtag #CU_motion

This weeks hashtag challenge is going to be motion! We want you to get out and ride bikes, have dance offs (bonus points if mom joins in) twirl or jump on a bed. This image was tagged by one of my very fave IGers (@jenannro) who has a way with motion in her pictures. Remember this is the time when blurry shots can work and really show movement in a still frame. I hope you guys have a little fun with this one and tag your motion shots to #CU_motion. Thanks guys! | featured by@jennaleephoto shot belongs to @jenannro

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