Weekly Instagram hashtag #cu_happyplace

childhood unplugged Good morning CU!!!!!!!! This is @audreyblake_ And I am thrilled to be moderating the feed this week. The photos, the talent and the stories that are portrayed through the images you share are inspiring to everyone who follows this magical feed. So thank you as always for participating and believing in the project. This summer my family spent countless hours on the beach in Long Beach Island, NJ making memories and sharing laughs. I would like to invite you to share your new and old images showing where your children thrive. What is their happy place? A fort, a muddy puddle? A room filled with Tutus? Whatever it is please share 💛. The weekly hashtag is #cu_happyplace as always keep tagging any of your favorite unplugged images in the main hashtag #childhoodunplugged I can’t wait to feature your gorgeous captures!!

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Weekly Instagram hashtag #cu_fancy

This week I’m feeling soooooo fancy!! Our hashtag project for this week is inspired by my#theadventuresofthepolkadotdress project. Does your child have a favorite fancy dress or fancy shoes or fancy hat or fancy bow tie!? Whatever it is let them wear it!! For months my daughter begged to wear her polka dot dress but I always felt it wasn’t worthy of our activity for the day. Then I cleaned out her closet and realized how many items no longer fit and I woke up… From that day on I let her wear it… To the grocery store, for coffee, to the playground, to the post office, to the flea market! Wherever she wanted to wear it!!! And I documented it over the course of 4 weeks. Let them be fancy! They grow so quickly and that dress your great aunt sent is begging to be lived in!!! Show me your fancy side this week with the hashtag #cu_fancy.

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Weekly Instagram hashtag #CU_wildandfree

special announcement

Ready for the big announcement?? Childhood Unplugged is partnering with the crazy talented and creative folks @momazine and are shaking things up in a fun and exciting way! This weeks hashtag is @cu_wildandfree which is the theme for their upcoming summer issue. We will be selecting and featuring images as usual, but in addition to being featured in the @childhoodunplugged feed you will also be automatically entering for a chance to be featured in the Childhood Unplugged section of the magazine!!!!! We couldn’t be more excited! Please tag your gorgeous wild and free images with the hashtag #cu_wildandfreefor the next 2 WEEKS for your chance to have your images in the summer issue of Momazine! Go ahead let your hair down! Be wild and free….. Image by @angmthompson | featured by @audreyblake_#childhoodunplugged #cu_wildandfree