Weekly Instagram hashtag #CU_motion

This weeks hashtag challenge is going to be motion! We want you to get out and ride bikes, have dance offs (bonus points if mom joins in) twirl or jump on a bed. This image was tagged by one of my very fave IGers (@jenannro) who has a way with motion in her pictures. Remember this is the time when blurry shots can work and really show movement in a still frame. I hope you guys have a little fun with this one and tag your motion shots to #CU_motion. Thanks guys! | featured by@jennaleephoto shot belongs to @jenannro

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Weekly Instagram hashtag #CU_reading

Here to announce our new weekly tag!! We created these tags to encourage you to go out and do something unplugged with your kids. This week our tag is #CU_reading inspired by what I eat, sleep and breath… My Bedtime Story Series. I adore these brothers and their reading selection from the McEvoy bedtime story. So please capture moments of your little ones reading, or you reading to them! Only post NEW pics and we will be featuring them throughout the week. Can’t wait to see what you do… Happy reading!  @audreyblake_

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Announcing new weekly hashtags on Instagram

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT- here at childhood unplugged our mission is to encourage our children to get back to the art of play and imagination. With that in mind we are adding a weekly hashtag to encourage you and your children to do something unplugged… this week dress up and play! So use the tag#CU_dressup for any NEW images you take this week of your children in costume! Also keep tagging#childhoodunplugged with all your beautiful unplugged moments. Beautiful image by@jamiescottphoto | featured by @carolyn_mara