Childhood Unplugged Features Rachel Papo


Rachel Papo‘s photographs have been exhibited and published worldwide, she has been awarded a NYFA Fellowship, been a finalist for the Santa Fe Prize for Photography, and received the Ronnie Heyman Prize for an Emerging Jewish Visual Artists, her work is captivating and thought provoking, and finally she is my friend.  I had the fortune of getting to know her when we studied for our MFA in photography at The School of Visual Arts and I was immediately drawn to her work.  A few years later, after moving to Miami and eventually into our current home with space for my growing photography collection, I bought one of her pieces from the series Desperately Perfect.  Her new work continues to deliver and it is my pleasure to share it all with you on Childhood Unplugged! Read More

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childhood unplugged Good morning CU!!!!!!!! This is @audreyblake_ And I am thrilled to be moderating the feed this week. The photos, the talent and the stories that are portrayed through the images you share are inspiring to everyone who follows this magical feed. So thank you as always for participating and believing in the project. This summer my family spent countless hours on the beach in Long Beach Island, NJ making memories and sharing laughs. I would like to invite you to share your new and old images showing where your children thrive. What is their happy place? A fort, a muddy puddle? A room filled with Tutus? Whatever it is please share 💛. The weekly hashtag is #cu_happyplace as always keep tagging any of your favorite unplugged images in the main hashtag #childhoodunplugged I can’t wait to feature your gorgeous captures!!

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childhood unplugged Thank you Ashley for a wonderful week filled with gorgeous b&w images.
Hi everyone, Carolyn {@carolyn_mara} signing on to moderate this week. I always love being here and seeing your unplugged images! I’d like to introduce this week’s theme – #cu_iwastheretoo. I feel it’s so important to include yourself in images with your children, so whether you hold out your arm, set up with a self timer or remote, or ask a friend to take the shot for you, it’s so worth being in some photographs… after all you were there too! Tag shots you’re in from the past and please please take the time to shoot another one this week, you won’t regret it! I’ll leave you with this shot from the weekend of my boys and I, I set up the iPhone on a tripod and used a self timer app to take it.

carolyn mara borlenghi, instagram, @carolyn_mara

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childhoodunplugged Loved all your picks @draedle. Hey guys, Ashley here from@thestorkandthebeanstalk, to moderate for the week. It’s always a pleasure, so thanks for following along. This week I’m introducing the theme of #cu_blackandwhite because I just love the feelings of nostalgia that b&w images evoke. Be sure to tag your b&w images for a chance at being featured. I’ve already selected a few from the #childhoodunplugged hashtag to get us started! Let’s do this 🌾


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childhoodunplugged Hey guys, Ashley here from @thestorkandthebeanstalk and I’ll be here all week moderating. I’d like to introduce the theme of #childhoodunplugged_portraits, so feel free to tag any appropriate images to be featured. I’ve already pulled a handful from our regular #childhoodunplugged hashtag that I can’t wait to share. I think I say it every time, but there are so many wildly talented individuals out there. It’s my honor to feature your work. I hope you enjoy.

portrait of boy laying in the grass by ashley jenny, the stork and the beanstalk, for childhood unplugged instagram

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childhoodunplugged  Good morning! @my_reverie here and ready to see what you have for me this week. 
Summer and childhood is all about getting out and exploring. From road trips to wandering your backyard, it’s all about the wonder and excitement of something new. I want to see those adventures. Tag your photos #cu_explore for a chance to be featured. You can also continue to tag #childhoodunplugged. 
Here is my crew exploring the beaches of Ft. Myers.

family walking on florida beach by monica calderin, @my_reverie, for childhood unplugged instagram

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childhood unplugged  Summer is all about long sun soaked days, fun day trips, carnivals and vacations! This week many folks are traveling for the holiday so the weekly hashtag will be #cu_travel. Planes, trains and automobiles!!!! Show us your traveling photos your travel adventures and your unplugged fun! This weeks hashtag was inspired by this awesome image by @suzieziemke | featured by @audreyblake #childhoodunplugged

girl with her head in the breeze out of the car window for childhood unplugged hashtag on instagram #cu_travel