Weekly Instagram hashtag #cu_iwastheretoo

childhood unplugged Thank you Ashley for a wonderful week filled with gorgeous b&w images.
Hi everyone, Carolyn {@carolyn_mara} signing on to moderate this week. I always love being here and seeing your unplugged images! I’d like to introduce this week’s theme – #cu_iwastheretoo. I feel it’s so important to include yourself in images with your children, so whether you hold out your arm, set up with a self timer or remote, or ask a friend to take the shot for you, it’s so worth being in some photographs… after all you were there too! Tag shots you’re in from the past and please please take the time to shoot another one this week, you won’t regret it! I’ll leave you with this shot from the weekend of my boys and I, I set up the iPhone on a tripod and used a self timer app to take it.

carolyn mara borlenghi, instagram, @carolyn_mara

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