Weekly Instagram hashtag #cu_fancy

This week I’m feeling soooooo fancy!! Our hashtag project for this week is inspired by my#theadventuresofthepolkadotdress project. Does your child have a favorite fancy dress or fancy shoes or fancy hat or fancy bow tie!? Whatever it is let them wear it!! For months my daughter begged to wear her polka dot dress but I always felt it wasn’t worthy of our activity for the day. Then I cleaned out her closet and realized how many items no longer fit and I woke up… From that day on I let her wear it… To the grocery store, for coffee, to the playground, to the post office, to the flea market! Wherever she wanted to wear it!!! And I documented it over the course of 4 weeks. Let them be fancy! They grow so quickly and that dress your great aunt sent is begging to be lived in!!! Show me your fancy side this week with the hashtag #cu_fancy.

FullSizeRender 4

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