Childhood Unplugged – October 2013

Welcome to our first edition of Childhood Unplugged!

Remember growing up? Playing outdoors while using our creativity and imagination was the norm. I don’t really ever remember saying, “I’m bored” very often! I had to be called home because the sun was going down! Remember?

Our children have every source of technology available to them, and although technology is great and we cannot be without it in today’s world, it has really stolen so much of our children’s ability to be creative, to play without being entertained, and the use of their imagination. Children have lost the ART OF PLAY.


The idea for this blog circle started to brew in my heart a couple months ago after seeing the need in my own adult life for more unplugged time. It is easy to constantly be checking Facebook, emails, be on the phone when our children are around, etc., and not be present.

This eventually led me to see the need for unplugged time in the lives of my boys.

I invited 10 other photographers who I have had the privilege to cross paths with in the industry. Together we are making a conscious effort to encourage our children to explore more, to be creative, use their imagination, and get back to the art of play, whatever that may look like for each child.

On the first of every month, each of the photographers in this group will post new photos of what their children have been up to while unplugged from technology. Under each photo submission you can click on the photographer’s name which will link you to their personal site and you can see the rest of their submission for that month.

Welcome to Childhood Unplugged…       Monica Calderin

monicaoctpicMonica Calderin | Monica Marie Photography
Penny Burns | Penny Marie Photography

Drae Oct picDrae Trounce | Project 1014

maryoctpicMary Yung | Yung Bean Photography

ashleyjoctpicAshley Jennett | The Stork and The Beanstalk

audreyoctpicAudrey Blake Breheney | Audrey Blake Photography

kristaoctpic Krista Resnick | Krista Resnick Photography

ashleymoctpicAshley Meiners | Ashley Meiners Photography

carolynoctpicCarolyn Mara Borlenghi | Carolyn Mara Photography

hfmJenny Solar | The Happy Family Movement


Noelia Hernandez | Noelia Hernandez Foto

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